Lose weight or lose my weight?

One Point Lesson: Misused Expressions / Phrases

Lose weight or Lose my weight?

One of the common errors that non-native English speakers commit is the use of the phrase “to lose weight”.

Correct: “I wanna lose weight this year.” (This means that you want to weigh lesser than your actual weight or body mass.)

Wrong: “I wanna lose my weight this year.” (This means that you want to weigh 0 kilograms. You cannot lose your weight. Weight is a constant matter. If you lose it, you will be weightless, which is impossible.)


Please look at the sample expressions below:

Hey, you’re getting fat. I recommend you to exercise daily so that you can lose weight.

Losing weight has been my resolution for the past years. Unfortunately, I couldn’t realize it.”

“ My friend had lost weight after a few months of regular running and swimming.”

“ I lost weight for about 25 pounds when I started being aware of my diet.”

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