Look at, See or Watch?

One-Point Lesson: Commonly Confused Words Look At , See Or Watch ?

Most non-English speakers are often confused with the proper usage of Look at, see or watch. Often times, they use “watch” instead of “see” or “see” instead of “look at”. 

So, here’s a simple and short explanation about their differences in usage;

Look at

That Please Remember   Look At   Is Used When, We Direct Our Eyes In The Direction Of An Object And Pay Attention To It:

Please   Look At This Shirt. Is It Nice?

Look At The Baby. She’S So Cute!

NOTE:  When Look Has An Object, It Is Always Followed By The Preposition  At :

Say: Look At . The Car It’S So Fast! 

Say Do Not:  Look The Car .


We Use See  When We Are Noticing Something Using Our Eyes. 

I Saw  Jordan At The Church Yesterday.

Have You  Seen My Keys?

NOTE: We Use See , Not Watch , When We Talk About Being At Sports Matches Or Public Performances, Such As Films, Theatre And Dramas. 

:. My Wife Say And I Had A Date Last Night We  Saw   . A Romantic Movie In The Cinema We Had A Good Time Together.

Say Do Not: My Wife And I ….. We Watched   A Romantic Movie In The Cinema.


Watch   And To Look At Are Similar, But   Watch   Usually Means That We Look At An Object For A Period Of Time, Especially Something That Is Changing Or Moving:

And My Friends  Watch  Soccer Games On Television Every Weekend.

To Go Kirsten Loves To The Park To Watch The Children Playing Around.


She  Watched   A Musical With Her Mom On TV.

They were at home.

She  Saw ‘A Musical With Her Mom At The Theater.

They were at the theater.


We Watched  The Kids Playing At The Park.

Watch Focuses On The Process Of Seeing: We Spent Time Looking At The Kids Playing At The Park.

We Saw The Kids Playing At The Park .

See Focuses More On The Finished Event. It Does Not Suggest That We Spent Much Time Looking At The Whales.


  • Use Do Not Watch To Talk About Things That We See Without Intention:

Say: If You Visit Japan, You Can See A Lot Of Old People.

Say Do Not:  If You Visit Japan, You Can Watch A Lot Of Old People.

  • Use Do Not Watch When Talking About A Film In The Cinema:

We’re going to the cinema on weekend to see the new horror movie.

  • Use Watch , Not See , When We Talk About Something On The Television:

To Watch I Like News On Television After Work .

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