Happy or Delighted?

One Point Lesson: Alternative Expressions

Issue 7 : Synonyms: Happy Or Delighted?

Language Monotony
.. Is A Very Common Pitfall For English Learners This Means Using The Same Expressions, Questions, And Statements In Every Class For Several Months Or Even Years For Example:

😕 How Are Teacher You Today
Student: … I’M Fine / I’M Good / I’M Sad / I’M Happy./ Etc.

To ensure progress in learning English, both the teacher and the student must break the monotony and try to use new and synonymous words instead of the overly used words. This will lead to creative and fun conversations during classes. This will also gauge the current level of the student and reveal the student’s weaknesses in using the language. Consequently, the teacher would be able to determine the needs of the student and apply new and better learning strategies in the class.

Here is the list of adjectives that we normally use and their synonyms:


Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.24.47 PM







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