For vs Since

One-Point Lesson: Grammar Errors

For vs Since

Understanding the proper usage of ‘for’ and ‘since’ when talking about time is one of the common difficulties of ESL learners.

Therefore, we are giving a simple explanation on how to use them correctly.

For is used when you want talk about the ‘period’ or ‘duration of time’. We can use ‘for’ in all tenses.

For example;

I work  for 8 hours every day.

I’ve been working in this company for 5 years.

I have worked in my previous company for a long time.

I worked in Tokyo for 3 months.

I will work in this company for 6 years.

‘Since’ is used to emphasize the ‘point’ or ‘exact moment in time’ that the action or event began.  Normally, it is used  with perfect tenses.


I have been working in this company since 2009.

I have been working since 7:00 AM today.

I have worked in Kanazawa since college.

Please remember that we use since if you want to emphasize the point in time that you started the action.

Therefore, it is wrong to say;

I have been working since 5 years.
I worked since 4 hours today. x


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