Could you please repeat that?

One-Point Lesson: Misused Expressions / Phrases

Listening is one of the macro-skills that we need to improve in order for us to grasp what the other speaker is conveying. For non-native English speakers, this is quite a challenge especially if they are not accustomed and exposed to the language. Therefore, the normal tendency is to ask the speaker to repeat the question or statement during actual conversations.

There are different ways of asking someone for repetition of what has been uttered or questioned. Unintentionally, many are doing it in a wrong way.

The most commonly mistaken expression is,Could you please repeat that again?

Please take note that the word REPEAT means “DO IT AGAIN”. Hence, it is redundant to say repeat that again”.

 Furthermore, below are the other ways of asking for repetition.


Could please say that again?

Pardon me?

I’m sorry I didn’t get that. Kindly repeat that for me.

Informal: These expressions imply that you didn’t understand what has been said and you’re asking for repetition. They are mostly delivered in a question form:

Excuse me?


I’m sorry?


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