Common Mistake in Using Adjective and Noun

One Point Lesson: Grammar Errors

Common Mistakes in Using Adjective and Noun

.. One of the common mistakes of English learners is the proper form of words in a context whether an adjective or a noun Usually, your sentence sounds odd when you happen to use an adjective instead of a noun For example;

  • Place Is Very The Danger (Noun) Because Of Gangsters. (Wrong)
  • Place Is Very The Dangerous (Adj) Because Of Gangsters. (Correct)

This is just actually a simple error but it creates a big impression to the listener if you continue to use the wrong form of words.

Therefore, here is the short list of commonly mistaken words and their proper form:


Noun Adjective
stress stressful
difference different
anger angry
intelligence intelligent
kindness kind
truth true


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