Will or Going to?

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Will or Going to?

Ask Our When We Students To Talk About Their Future Plans Or Activities, They Often Misuse ” Will ” And ” Going To “.

Basically, both refer to the future but there are some differences in their usage and meaning.

Let’s make it clear by these simple explanations:

GOING TO Is Used When The Action Is Connected Or Related To The Present Situation.

  • When we have already decided to do something in the future before speaking it to someone.


Suzuki : Hello Iba San, What Is Your Plan For The Weekend?

Iba : Well, I’M Going To .. The Beach With My Family We Have Already Planned It Yesterday (In This Case, Iba San Has Already Made A Plan For The Weekend Before Suzuki San Asked About It.)

  • When we predict or think that something is going to happen because of a clear or definite sign that we see at the moment.


On the phone:

Mara: Hello Ivan, I Think I’M Going To Be Late To Work Today.

Ivan: Why do you think so?

Mara: There’s just a car accident now ahead of us and the traffic is starting to build up.

  • When something is about to happen at the moment.

  1. Example:

“Stop! It’S Going To Fall!


WILL Is Used,

  • When we make a decision at the moment of speaking.


“Oh This Shirt Is Nice! I Will Buy It.” (You Have Decided To Buy The Shirt Just Now.)

  • When we think or predict something in the future based on opinion.


Matsuko Abe I Think Will Not Win As President This Year.

  • When talking about a fact, promise, request, refusals, or offers.


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