“Learn English, Conquer the World”

As Forster says it, “They had nothing in common but the English language.” I could not agree more with this statement. Indeed! Neither our eyes nor complexion is the same. We eat, dress and speak in diverse ways. Our nationalities make us distinct from one another. We live in different places on Earth, with different seasons and climate. But there is one thing that we share in common – English language.

I consider English language as a bridge. It connects me to the rest of the world, even to the farthest place that I could ever imagine. Since English is something that connects me to different people from various places, I want to build it as sturdy as possible. I would not dare take my first step on a fragile and weak bridge. This kind of bridge could not take me anywhere.

In order to build a stable and reliable bridge, it is imperative to have a firm foundation. This foundation in learning English could mean different things to different people. We strive to learn English due to numerous reasons – academic, career, travel, business and self-improvement. If we could possibly have one of these as our foundation, then we are surely on the right path to the realization of our dream which is to fluently communicate using English language.

The more we learn how to speak English language, the more places we can visit, and the more knowledge we acquire from people whom we meet as we journey in this world. A journey is not without learning new things. We should not let our inability to speak in English to stop us from discovering more things about the world.

Author: Judeleen Daquinag
Professional English Teacher